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Post Features

Mumblit Social gives you a lot of flexibility in your post creation, and has multiple..

Uploading an Image

Sharing your photos and images into a social media platform is a staple of the..

Uploading a Video

Videos are interactive and engaging elements on any social media network, and are quickly becoming..

Adding a GIF

GIFs are small moving animations that bring personality to a post. Adding one on Mumblit..

Add a Voice Message

On Mumblit you can add a voice message to your post to add some character,..

Adding Feelings to a Post

Feelings are actions which specify what a person is feeling or doing at the time..

Upload a File

Uploading a file is different than uploading images & videos in one simple way: It..

Add a Product to Post

Have a great product you’d like to showcase and sell? Need to get rid of..

Create a Poll

Polls serve as a way to visually observe how your followers feel about a particular..

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