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What are the types of posts on Mumblit?

Last Updated 6 months ago

The following post types exist on Mumblit:

  • Text - This type is the most basic allowing text, hashtags, mentions, and other related content.
  • Image - This type of post can have text, but contains an image(s) or album as well. 
  • Video - This type is a video upload or a pasted video link from youtube, vimeo, or other video providers.
  • Live - This is a livestream. Livestreams will automatically post once started to your timeline, and will embed as a replay when completed.
  • Colored - This will add one of the colored/image backgrounds to your post.
  • Feeling - This type will show your emotion, feeling, or current status.
  • Location - This will tag a location specified and display a google map of that location.
  • Poll - This will create a poll with defined answers for users to vote on.
  • File Upload - This will contain a file uploaded to the server.
  • Audio - This uses an audio file uploaded as a post.
  • Voice - This will create a voice post. You will record a live voice post and submit.
  • Product - This will create a product post for the marketplace.
  • Gif - This will post an animated GIF as your post.
  • Group - This is a post sent to group.
  • Page - This creates a page-based post.

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