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What is a "Mention" and how do they work?

Last Updated 6 months ago

Mentions are when you tag specific users in one of your posts. This notifies the user that they are included in your post, and can often let them know the post pertains to them.

To mention someone in a post, use the "@" symbol and begin typing the first few letters of their username. This will bring up a listing of followers that contain these letters:


Click on the user you wish to mention from this list, and it will add their username to your post. You can continue adding followers in the same way, which allows you to mention multiple users.

When the post is created, it will send a notification to all users that have been mentioned that they have been mentioned in your post. The can click on this notification to see the post.

Be aware, do not excessively tag followers. Only use this method if you feel the content of the post relates directly to the user being mentioned.

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