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Who owns the content of a post?

Last Updated 6 months ago

You, as the account owner, on Mumblit own the content of a post. this means that if you have written unique content and have posted it to the site, Mumblit will not claim ownership or rights to your content. That being said, however, any content you don't originally own needs to be cited and given reference to the content owners. This means if you are using a quote from someone, you might want to cite who stated the quote or otherwise risk that content being removed.

As the creator of such content, you alone bear the responsibility that arises from any issues that originate from your posts and content. Mumblit will assume no responsibility for such content, and any actions regulated to deter such actions will be referred directly to the account owner.

In such cases where legal actions may be taken concerning the content, Mumblit will cooperate with any agencies or officials involved in the investigation to the fullest extent that the law allows. This means you are offered no protections by Mumblit concerning illegal content.

However, if these basis constitutes infringement on any rights noted in our US Constitution, bearing that the content was within legal limits under those protections, Mumblit will reserve the right to deny such agency/official access to such content until a legal justification can be provided through writing from the courts.

In other words, Don't claim credit for content that is not yours.

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