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How do I create a Group on Mumblit?

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To create a Group you can follow several different ways to do so:

  • Click on the "+" symbol on the header area of the website.
  • Click on the "Create Group" button on this menu.
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    You will be brought to the Create Group page where you will see the box above. On this box, you will fill in the following information:

    • Group Name - Enter a name for your group to display on all group pages.
    • Group URL - This will be added to the end of the url. Do not use spaces, or special characters other than underscore. The look of this will be , which means you would have entered "mygroupurl" in this box.
    • Group Type - This shows whether the group is Public, which means anyone can join and see posts, or Private which requires permission to join and posts are generally hidden.
    • Category- This identifies what category your group belongs to.
    • About - This is a description of what you group is about.

Once you have filled in these fields, press the Create button, and your group will be created. If the group url already exists, you will have to try again. Try adding combinations of numbers after the url, such as mygroupurl1234567890. This will ensure your group is created.

You can also access the Create Group button via the My Groups page.


The button is located in the upper right area of your groups listing.

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