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What are the features of a post?

Last Updated 6 months ago

There are 14 main features of a post that tend to not change with the types. 

  1. Publisher's Avatar / Vericons
  2. Publisher's Name / Group Name / Page Name / Verification / Pro Ranking
  3. Post Options Menu (See Feature #13)
  4. Post Content Area / Videos / Images / Links
  5. Link to full post and analytics
  6. Reactions to the post
  7. Reactions button
  8. Comment expand
  9. Total comments, and shares
  10. Share the post to a timeline, group, or page
  11. Add a quick comment
  12. Comment options (See Feature #14)

     13. Comment options drop down.


     14. Add voice note, emoticons or image to comment.

The features of a post may change from time to time, but these main features will always exist within the confines of the main feed and timelines.

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