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What are reactions and how do they work?

Last Updated 6 months ago


Mumblit has 6 basic reactions to posts, comments, and replies. They are as listed:

  • Like - This is the basic "like" functionality and shows you like the content.
  • Love - This is represented by a "Heart". Use this is you love the post.
  • Laugh - This is represented by a laughing face. This shows you find the post funny.
  • Wow - This is represented by an exploding head. This indicates shock.
  • Sad - This is a crying face. This indicates sadness to the post.
  • Angry - This is shown by an angry face. This indicates anger or disgust.

Hovering over the "Like" text on the bottom of the post will bring up the menu shown above and you can click on the reaction you wish to add to the post. be aware, you can only add one reaction to the post, but can change it at any time.


On comments and replies, you can react the same way, by hovering over the "Thumbs-Up" icon on the comment or reply and selecting the reaction. As with the post, you can only react once to a particular comment or reply, but can change that reaction at any time by following the same process.


You can check all reactions to your post, comment or reply by clicking the reaction icons with reaction count. It will open up a modal with will allow you to display all reactions to your content, listed by reaction type at the top. Click on the reaction icon to display who reacted, their reaction type, and whether you follow them or not. You can select "Load more" to see if there are additional reactions of that type, as the list only shows the first few reactions of that type. Close this modal by clicking outside any area of the box, or click on the "X" in the upper right corner.

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