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How do I create a post?

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You will be utilizing the window shown above on Mumblit to create a post. This is called a "Publisher Box" and contains all the elements needed to construct all of your posts. To create a post, simply click on this box. It will expand to looks like this:


Next your your avatar you can enter text, a URL (link address), hashtags, and mention other users. The special features of the post creation process are listed below the text box:

  • Upload Images - This will allow you to access your computer's internal storage to add images. You can also add a single image from anywhere on the internet by doing the following:
    • Go to the website in which you would like to copy the image from.
    • Right Click on the image using your mouse and select Copy.
    • Navigate or return to Mumblit and Right Click on the publisher box.
    • Select Paste (or CTRL+V on the keyboard). The image will appear after a few seconds at the bottom of the publisher box area.
    • Click Share, or continue writing your post then click Share. The pasted image will be included with your post.
  • Create Poll - This will create a poll to include with your post. You can create any number of poll options. Votes will be counted live, as people vote on the post.
  • Upload Video - This will open your computer's storage to add a video to the post.
  • GIF - This will add an animated GIF to your post.
  • Record Voice - This will allow you to create a voice note to include with the post.
  • Feelings - This will add a feeling, status, or action associated with the post. When you click this icon, a small menu will appear as a drop down:
    • imageimage
    • When you click on the Feeling option, you will be prompted with the additional menu on the right above. Select the feeling you wish to add, and it will add it to the post.
    • The additional options on the menu add their text to the box as shown, and allow you to input your text in the action box.
  • Upload Files - This will open up your computer storage and allow you to add files to your post. Only specific types of files can be added to your post. Be aware that abuse of the system will get you banned, and may result in that file type being permanently removed from options.
  • Sell product - This will open a create product window that will add the product created to your post. This will also list publicly on Mumblit's marketplace area.
  • Color - This will add a selected colored background or image to your post.
  • Location - This will add a specific location to your post as a google map. This does not automatically enter your current location.
  • Audio Upload - This allows you to add a music file or audio file to your post. Please do not upload copyrighted materials without the permission of the producer or studio.

The final feature is Post Privacy which looks like this:


This allows you to set who can see the post once it is published.

  • Only Me - Only you can see this post. Good for reminders.
  • Everyone - This allows anyone on the site to see this post.
  • People I Follow - Only people YOU follow can see the post.
  • People Follow Me - Only people who follow you can see this post.

Once you have completed creating your post, click Share and wait a few moments for the post to successfully create. Once it is created, the timeline will reload and show your post.

Currently limits on number of characters a post may be is set to unlimited. Be aware this may change in the future if repeated abuse of this limit is found to be causing issues.

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