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How are censored words handled and what are they?

Last Updated 9 months ago

Censored words are words that the website deems detrimental to the workings of the website. Currently, only URLS (websites) are being included in these censored words to prevent excessive spamming of those links.

When a censored word is used, the resulting post that is created will use asterisks in place of the word, resulting in seeing something like this: ******. Since we censor only particular websites which have been deemed harmful or have abused the posting process, you will not know if it has been included until you generate a post containing that link. 

A word of caution, if you do not wish your own website's URL to be contained in this list of censored words, then practice good posting habits by utilizing your URL with content. A post containing just a URL and no content to go along with it can be considered spam.

Also be aware that "swear" words are typically not censored, as we promote free speech.

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