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How do I report a post, and what reasons can I do it for?

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To report a post, click the ellipsis (3 dots) in the upper right hand corner of a post. This will open a dropdown menu containing the menu listed above (you will not see Delete Post unless the post belongs to you). Select Report Post. This will send the post to the admins and moderators for review. This link will change to Unreport Post , which will remove it from the report queue in case you accidentally reported the post.

The following reasons are valid for reporting a post, however, do no encompass all available reasons a post can be reported:

  • Depictions of graphic attacks and violence.
  • Sexually explicit content.
  • Child pornography.
  • Advertising sexual services, products, and derivatives thereof (indirectly hinting at sex sales).
  • Posting about killing, hurting, or attacking individuals.
  • Posting about killing, hurting, or attacking specific groups.
  • Spam posts. More information about what constitutes a spam post can be found here.
  • Posts that doxx, which means to reveal specific information about a person that could lead to attacks or deviant behaviors against such person. Public agencies and officials, such as politicians and buildings that house government programs/agencies are not reportable. This is because they are public information, and anyone can acquire their locations. However, personal property, homes, and vehicle information concerning politicians and others IS considered doxxing and will be removed.
  • Any post directly promoting bigotry. This can include direct threats, excessive labeling, and demeaning others simply on the basis of any personally identifiable difference. This can include race, religion, and gender. Although we celebrate free speech on Mumblit, excessive bigotry that leads to a toxic environment is not the look we would like, so use personal restraint as a user if this defines you.
  • Direct Terroristic banter. This means that talking about terror plots, skills, means, and methods is a sure fire way to be reported, banned, and reported to the FBI.
  • Unsolicited sexual content, such as "dick pics". Keep your wiener in your pants publicly.
  • Unsolicited money requests. be advised, fundraising is allowed on the platform. However, messaging through private messages, or publicly through groups and the main feed a request for money from someone is not the best way to make friends. However, if you are doing so among friends and followers and the purpose is known, this will not violate the posting rules.
  • Directly attackingĀ  Mumblit or it's affiliates.
  • Unintelligible ( can't understand what they are saying) posting. We would like to think the majority of you have taken grammar at some point during your lives, and don't just hammer random keys.
  • Suicidal posts. We have a lot of veterans on the site, and would like them to remain alive and well. Please report any posts that seem to give this impression so we can reach out.

Although this is not a full list of reasons for reporting a post, please understand there are also reasons NOT to report. This includes:

  • You don't like the member.
  • You don't like their political view.
  • You don't like their religion.
  • They angered you today or in the past.
  • You hate their face.
  • You are trying to get them banned for your own gain.
  • You want their content censored for personal gain.

Lets be honest here, if you are this much of a clown we really don't need your kind here on the site. free speech means FREE SPEECH, and we will not knowingly censor anyone just because it is politically or personally convenient to you.

As a last note, ensure that when you file a report that it conforms to these guidelines, as excessive false reports can result in yourself being taken action against.

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