Terms of Use

As with any social media site, there must be terms of use to help guide our great members in avoiding common pitfalls which would cause issues here. We go firmly by a 4 rule philosophy that must be followed at all times.
  1. No threatening of violence or death, and no direct harassment/stalking that would be considered lewd in ANY capacity.
  2. All pornographic, sexual, or explicit (bloody, gorey, death, abuse) media (videos, images, links, files) must be marked as "Sensitive Post" prior to posting. Violations will result in deletion of the media and post, as well as action against accounts that repeatedly fail to do this.
  3. No Illegal filez/warez/copyrighted media. This means that all things must follow fair use policies, and either be your own or given direct crediting to the content's author.
  4. No scamming, unsolicited money requests/favors, and/or posing as specific persons either implicitly or explicitly. In other words, dont be a dumb scam artist or impersonate a celebrity and expect to get away with it.

We realize how difficult it can be to contain yourself when given this type of freedom, however, do ensure you are conducting yourself in a capacity in which you would like others to refer to you as. Example: If you are mean to others, don't expect them to be kind and respectful to you. Also, we celebrate everyone's freedom on Mumblit, so excessive reporting of posts and content that does not fall under violation of our rules could get yourself banned/suspended. This isn't suppression of speech, it's suppression of stupid. If you do not like what someone is saying, the ignore button and unfollow buttons exist for this very reason. In other words, don't be a crybaby and expect administration to support you. We do expect that when talking to administration, that you compose yourself in a reasonable manner, otherwise it is highly likely they will treat you the same way you are treating them. Do not be surprised. Be aware that no one's speech will be censored if it is following our 4-rule policy. This is a static policy, and will not change. By using Mumblit, you agree to abide by all terms stated on this page. All terms are inferred upon posting and interacting with members, therefore, putting you directly in agreement with the policies set forth. -Nicholas Szankovics(Founder)