Terms of Use

As a Free speech supporting social network, we aim to ensure high levels of usability and an environment that does not evolve into things we do not support. Because of this, we have a few basic things that are agreed to each time you log in to the site and post content. Although this may seem a bit like community standards, they are more clear and actually have a purpose. Please abide by the following terms:

  • 1. Do not threaten harm, or death, on a specific person or group of people. This includes race, gender, nationality, religious affiliation, and other protected statuses under federal laws. Content should not depict these actions, intentions, or otherwise implied depictions of such behaviors and opinions.
  • 2. No pornography, depictions of pornography, or otherwise extremely distasteful imagery of a sexual nature. If you have any questions whether it should be posted, there is a good chance it should not.
  • 3. Do not post illegal files. This includes warez, pirated files, unlicensed software that has been cracked, ect.
  • 4. Spamming is a big no-no. Spam is defined as a link posted with no actual substance or usefulness attached to it. If you are here to just keep spamming your website link outside of a business-related page, it will not go well for you. Spamming also constitutes posting indirect links from competing social media sites simply to gain traffic for the social site. Excessive spamming of these sites will result in deletion of posts related to them, and eventually banning of the account engaging in this practice.
  • 5. Verbal Abuse of adminstration or moderators will not be tolerated. Administrators reserve the right to terminate your account for violation of this policy. Remember, you agree to the terms each time you log in, so it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you follow them.

There are several levels of penalties levied for violation of the rules, with banning and removal of account being the most severe. Mumblit reserves the right to remove any content that is in violation of this policy. If you feel that your content has been removed wrongly, you can send an email to support@mumblit.com and request a review of the content. However, most often decisions are final, and are only implemented when the content blatantly goes against our policy.

The following content goes against our terms of use policy, and will be dealt with according to the severity of the offense:
  • Images of a strongly sexually suggestive nature, pornography, lewd photography (images which depict acts which would suggest sexual conduct)
  • Illegal files, warez, cracked software, or other software/files which would normally require a license that have been made accessible through non-licensed means
  • PDF files which contain malicious code aiming for the sole purpose of infecting a computer/mobile device
  • Non-Paid advertising for other social networks that compete with Mumblit. These include: Gab, Mewe, Parler, Magabook, Spreely, Xephula, pocketnet, Liberty Rush, and others that are yet to be listed here. Be advised, linking to direct posts from these networks do not fall into this policy. The definition of Non-Paid advertising is any direct linking to only the main page of the site without monetary investment.
  • Polls which aim only to push hatred, divisiveness, and bigoted agendas. This includes asking if a certain race is superior, or pushing Nazi policy. We would think that our members wouldn't stoop THAT low.
  • Direct sale of illegal products. This includes drugs of any kind, CBD products (still illegal in a lot of states), weapons without a FFL dealer involved, and other illicit substances/products
  • Sexual services/escort services that aims to provide sexual favors in exchange for other services and/or money
  • Repeated unsolicited messaging of users for dating services, companionship, or other dating/romance related activities, as well as money and/or products. No means no, people.
  • Any attempt to hack, modify, crack, or otherwise circumvent the normal operation of the Mumblit platform for personal gain, or in attempt to attack/destroy the platform and/or database.
  • Attacking, threatening, or attempting to intimidate any staff member of Mumblit.
  • Misrepresenting yourself via messages, posts, or profile. This means do not pretend to be another person, staff member, or admin of Mumblit at any time.
  • Images/videos which contain blatantly bigoted, racist, or lewd remarks in an attempt to bypass posting rules.
  • Messaging users to badmouth Mumblit in an attempt to lure users away from the platform.

This is not a complete list of things you should not do, and this list will be changed and added to as time goes on. The point here is, don't do things that will get you removed from the platform. Use common sense.