Joseph Zacharko
Soldier Goes To Order Taco Bell Meal, Stops Cold When He Hears 2 Boys

This is why America is great! This is why I get so angry at biden for helping the criminals flooding our borders and all the free stuff they get! When this man retires, our current Admin will just shit all over him and let him and his family live on the streets. While illegals $4 k month plus freebies for illegally crossing our border! HOW CAN YOU NOT BE MAD AND HATE BIDEN?
#BidenSucks #BidenCrimeFamily #BidenPedophile #JoeBiden

Soldier buys kids dinner LTC Robert Risdon - YouTube

I was in a taco bell tonight when two kids came in trying to sell home made desserts for money. I over heard a soldier ask the kids if they were hungry and t...

1 yr. ago

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