Do you think that Trump has magical powers? Trump ordered that HCQ be provided to every American that wanted it, for free, but his orders were disobeyed.

This was before the jabs, so had Trump's orders been obeyed, there would be no jabs...PERIOD.

So your complaint is that Trump hasn't put himself out there as the Antivaxxer-In-Chief and sacrificed the only path for his return to power? Sure, he could have said the jab was evil, but had he done that the entire Luciferian Liberal World Order would have destroyed him, because that's what they expected, and believe me they had plans for it.

No, that would have been stupid. Instead, Trump said he was the "Godfather of the jab" which absolutely got under the enemy's skin. All the while every single doctor and lawyer who's on our side was given a platform to get the word out and the digital army made sure the truth got out.

The people who didn't take the jab ARE ALL TRUMP SUPPORTERS.

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