Calendar Shows Buttigieg Regularly Meeting with Dark-money Groups

It was not that long ago that a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request showed that John Kerry was meeting with outside groups to craft policy, including associating and laughing with known “WANTED” terrorists!
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has been doing the same thing.

What is the problem is when these groups are adding language to bills, virtually writing them.

“Buttigieg and the Biden administration’s priorities are completely out of touch with what the average family needs the most right now.”

One thing that has been consistent about this administration is that it is clearly focused on making donors happy and putting the welfare of the American people on the back burner.
Serious dark money is pouring into these groups, and they are helping to shape policy.
If Buttigieg’s office is doing anything near what Kerry was doing, we have a huge problem on our hands.

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