SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
& if it's not the Teacher & education $ union's in ALL USA trying to indoctrinate & brainwash Jesus's Little Heaven supported innocent 1's ie: babies-kid's-children-teens, then it's USA's Planned Parenthood trying 2 kill & murder them ALL 4 $ profit = ALL, etc USA-globally relatedly should B understatedly judicially & legally charged with Crimes against (fellow past since Adam & Eve-2 date) Humanity & it's NOT just against humanity but against ALL of eternal Heaven & Jesus, Son of Yahweh Jehovah Father God, Holy Trinity. When Devil got defeated via Jesus's testing in desert, it deemed, it'd go after Jesus's next best thing, HIS Little 1's children-kids thru adults ie: LGBTQiA. But Jesus: If ANY adults keep ANY of these Little 1's from me, they'll NEVER see my Father.
10 months ago
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