SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
MORE vast claiming 2 B (& in-of) Jesus, TRY-ing 2 wear HIM (& ALL of Christianity itself) like a-some typical BAD wardrobe (they trying 2 sport, exteriorly un2 the feeble, etc world around them); B GONE, HE (as do I deem), NEVER KNEW U! Fool (s), ugh loser's! Worse Coming! STUPID! & like just ANOTHER good fighter fellow human Sis-Sister just another Daughter of Adam-Eve I thought of, Charra (Matrix)- (Rachel Blackman); BUT like it's been said, 1's never truly gone-passed as long as 1 (another) remembers them, RIP Charra, & 2 many vast other's, past-2 date & STILL yet 2 come.
1 yr. ago

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