Jeff Hertzog
? From #2012#DonnieSwaggart , #JimmySwaggart’s son, Dr. Gabriel Swaggart’s father attacked viciously and slandered Dr. #RonPaul , if Dr. Paul would have been elected #POTUS in 2012 there would of never been a 2nd term of Barack Hussein #Obama Soetoro Soebarkah and there would have NEVER been #COVID NOR any more #FDA , #CDC , #Fauci , etc. etc, Dr. Paul would of ended all the alphabet soup agencies and yet people still donate 300,000,000 dollars plus a year to the Swaggart family “ministry”! ?
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Donnie Swaggart's Attack on Ron Paul Than Censures Videos - YouTube

http://InfoWarsNightlyNews.nethttp://FreedomNetDaily.com501c3 Donnie and Francis Swaggart prove they are Neo-Con's in disguise first attacking Ron Paul and A...

3 months ago

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