SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
& we humanity R of (above) such MORE than we - any 1 individually cares 2 admit - acknowledge or even have the remote slightest comprehensible (laymen, simple understanding) 'capacity' (in the word's of & from Shrek 2 Donkey: 'lack is the capacity', sigh huh OH we humanity itself SELF lack because of us ALL adult - those of the 'capable' excluding the truly disabled & Jesus's Little Heaven supported innocent 1's ie: kid's - children - teen's, LACK VAST - MUCH MORE than just the mere capacity as 2 even why ugh ALL worse than ever is exhibitedly is what - how, misc it is everywhere locally USA-globally & even MORE worse STILL is Coming) humanity itself 2 comprehend or care there of 2 seriously SELF individually - internally within ponder & contemplate.
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3 months ago

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