SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
Then FINE, the ($ Power Elites, etc fill in the blank's) bullies will continue daily (day & night) with each & every momentary tick tock 'Time' that goes by deeming they can cuz we all (above ie: 'capable') don't - won't, misc do what could & should have been done centuries ago & maintained 'tight' ie: like say housecleaning BUT look around, just hoarder like etc EVERYWHERE. GET YO mind (s), misc internally within right & clear, otherwise Coming like sand in a hourglass, God's gonna 'call it' 2 HIS Son Jesus & then next is Coming the terminators or all terminator's currently - presently in resting stasis, the 4 Holy Horsemen & they've each - individually have been created 4 only 1 reason: 2 CEASE US ALL = representing God's Holy anger & wrath, YA FEEL ME?! WE CLEAR?!
11 months ago

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