SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
& USA government had hand in 9/11/2001 JUST A TEST 2 see how the public civilian masses would react, dead 13 soldiers in Afghanistan (2021), like DARPA-HARPA agencies had hand in (Covid, misc) vaccines like history, worse Coming! Huh U humanity just CAN'T B literally reasoned with & R more exhibitedly & seemingly in-human than anything of what we were suppose 2 been even B before God-Holy Trinity = serious Holy need 4 humanity 2 B literally Holy retributionarily CEASED (Coming), worse than Holy Bible's The Flood - Genesis 19 but via not only The 4 Horsemen currently - presently in resting stasis but as well as Heaven's Warrior angel's, DON'T make God & all we've done as U'd B naive-delusional, ugh else, sigh LOSER'S!
11 months ago

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