SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
I can literally put Vatican, etc 2 Holy shame BUT I'm not about putting a show on 4 U cowards, etc fellow humanity! As God no literally has 2 exhale - out like a candle we dust & ash corpse's go & CAN crumble ALL up like a used piece of paper aside from say when we're all amidst 1st of 2 Coming judgment day (s), this dying cuz of us FAILED idea humanity non human innocent Earth 2 B - by, via God a maid stripping a bed of it's dirty sheet's B4 laying anew (sheet's) ie: the New Earth descending downward upon what THEN would have passed away via 3 element's of fire, wind & water like Jesus's word's on Cross, we know not what we've done but U all hold on2 YO denied U even doing it denial like a internal within (security?) blanket.
7 months ago
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