SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
ALL humanity via Adam 1st THEN Eve have fallen short of God's expectation's cuz deemed with 86-ing Devil outta Heaven 2 create a species 2 share eternity with HIM but 1st have 2 go thru 2 life test period's THEN 2 judgment day's via Book of Revelations but ever more so still R U humanity so GONE ROGUE & thus why Coming 4 Holy horsemen (currently-presenting in resting stasis) along with Heaven's Warrior angels R gonna B literally released upon us all 4 all we've allowed especially un2 Jesus's little Heaven supported 1's ie: babies - kid's - children - teen's & misc else of the innocent whether disabled, non human innocent life ie: animal's, Earth & even off Earth as we're not ever suppose 2 B off Earth = unholy violation!
10 months ago

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