SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
Basic Doctrine's of the True Christian Faith - the Catholic church believes that salvation is based on following the ritual's & tradition's of THEIR SELF deemed church, NOT the Holy Bible & thus use Holy Bible, misc else as a way - means 2 further past historically-2 date SELF deem THEIR way of human control, power & even $ money over the all connected whole NECLEUS species USA-global adult & child innocent masses! The protestant & non denominational churches AREN'T much better cuz THEY observe many vast & various of the same pagan tradition's & tend 2 erroneously (incorrectly, misc) believe that all 1 needs is faith alone (?, maybe 2 THEM via Holy Bible's Hebrews 11:1, using it - Holy Bible as a mere TOOL, & not meant as a Holy book 2 B literally taken seriously).
5 months ago

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