SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
Basic Doctrine's of the True Christian Faith - even as Devil still laughs deeming we humanity R doing it's job against God-Holy Trinity & why then as such eventually Coming via Book of Revelations, God's is gonna release NOT only the 4 Holy Horsemen but as well all Heaven's Warrior angel's (who mind U defeated Devil long ago B4 having Devil 86-ed outta Heaven) literally upon us ALL connected whole NECLEUS species cuz we ALL R a STILL worse than ever exhibited FAILED idea! & STILL, I can literally see all too clearly via Holy Trinity having witnessed much 2 last 10 lifetime's, this - U 2 date's (year) AD all adult's (REAL men-women of capable majority of 8 billion plus) USA-global connected whole NECLEUS species-humanity (itself) just keep on daily (day & night, 24/7, tick tock 'Time') exhibiting flies-locust on solid waste as literally NOTHING exhibits as it was suppose 2 B originally = this is all OUR doing, NOT God's.
10 months ago

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