SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
As there has ALWAYS centuries past-2 date, USA-global been-is MORE OF majority 'capable' adult, REAL - born as (& trainable) adult (excluding the truly disabled) men & woman of 2 date's 8 billion plus USA-globally (as it takes an army as it's ALWAYS past centuries-2 date EVERYONE'S NON EVER questioned NON voluntary - NON optional SELF deny responsibility 2 Holy Trinity & Heaven, NOT mere few individual lone wolves out there popping off like fire cracker's), all I see is feeble minded, lazy, naive, misc-etc coward's (like kid's in 1970's Life cereal TV commercial standing-sitting around pointing finger's deeming a - some need 4 a maid-janitor, misc).
10 months ago

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