SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
USA-global humanity complains about all 2 date exhibited? AH SHADDAP! Holy Trinity NO wants 2 hear it cuz with U 2 date's USA-global MORE OF majority 'capable' adult, REAL - born as (& trainable) adult (excluding the truly disabled) men & woman have had daily (day & night) tick tock 'Time' 2 SELF deny internally within via YO individual God given free will usage (though-but noting NO lone wolves, it takes a army & there's ALWAYS been 1, us MORE of than THEM - fill in the blank's)! Even with USA's DOD former military soldier's NON or NOT of the 'L' crowd (lettered) thought & think they (individually) have-got the so called afforded (via God's given free will usage when via Holy Bible's Luke 9:24 NONE SELF own NOTHING, NOT breath NOR Soul) luxury of just walking-running away (like coward's but however nevertheless SELF deem individually that those like Rambo, (?) misc-etc ain't got nothing on them? SHADDAP!
10 months ago

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