SELF denied Holy Warrior for Jesus Holy Trinity
SIGH, WILL U DIE FOR HIM? Could mean literally 4 Jesus, &/or it could mean 4 a little innocent Heaven supported 1 who via sexual intercourse & pregnant over 9 month's; I WILL HUMBLY & GLADLY B-ing a SELF denied Holy Warrior 4 HIM! ! ANY notion of abortion (MURDER) 2 say the least is attack on-against Jesus-Holy Trinity, my point: WILL U DIE 4 HIM; huh THANK U fellow human Sis-Sister, ANOTHER Daughter of Adam-Eve, Demi Gene Moore for doing this 'scene' & THAT of Father Lucci (Peter Friedman) & mind U & worth pondering: SELF preservation & say, abortion is unholy violation of Holy Bible's Luke 9:24, LOOK IT UP = NONE SELF own NOTHING, NOT breath NOR Soul -
Will you die for Him? - YouTube


10 months ago

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