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Pray for President Trump to use wisdom in protecting marriage and families. This is his chance to fix things after Barack Obama and Joe Biden marginalized conjugal marriage and families in support of same-sex marriage and gay families. HOMSEXUALITY MARRIAGE AND GAY PARENTING ARE SEXUAL DEVIANCIES AND THIS IS NOT WHAT WE SUPPORT.
Especially after Ivanka and Jared tried to stop him from defending Christianity in favor of the LGBTQI+ because his put in his EO the verbiage that marriage between a man and a woman is a good thing, and they said to him, “don’t do that, you’ll hurt the people fighting to keep marriage equality.”
The hell with that he did it anyway, because Trump is Trump. After the usurper stole the election and got sworn in in front of his CCP handler, the EO was removed from the archives. National File had a copy of the EO, and that was 404’d as well.

And it was stripped even from the Christian-based and Jewish-based websites because they are not speaking up in suppo
4 months ago
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