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Australian philosopher Michael Devitt (CUNY - NYC) has a new book with the same title as mine (Oxford University Press). If you search "biological essentialism" on Amazon, you get a book about Chinese Volleyball as a top suggestion! The point is that few books supporting the traditional view of biological essentialism shows up on the list. That is, basic types of life exhibit limited change - the true UnDarwinism.
On the other hand, when you search "biological essentialism" (without quotes) on Barnes & Noble, my book Biological Essentialism is #1www.barnesandnoble.com/w/b...
I am thrilled that Devitt referenced my History of Science Prof, David B. Kitts (pp. 6, 95). Kitts was a Professor in both the Geology and the History of Science departments (OU):
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4 months ago
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