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While we are purging the spam bots and users, please utilize this link to send to others to allow them to sign up. This link ensures real people are registering into our system.

3 months ago
Simply copy and paste the following code into the html code of your site to display this Mumbl:

<div style="width: 600px; height: 100%;" data-mumblit-post-id="249441" /> <script src="https://platform.mumblit.com/widget.js"></script></div>

3 months ago
In response Site Admin to his Publication
What constitutes as a spam bot? and what kind of users get purged?
Site Admin
3 months ago
In response horribledesigns to his Publication
Spam are accounts that have nothing content-based, just advertising for products. Accounts that get purged re in violation of the terms of service concerning this behavior, and have been giving several opportunities to clean up this behavior.