Patrick McCaffery
Once upon a time, there was a man named Bob. Bob was a happy fellow; always bright, cheery and bursting with life. Unfortunately, not many people liked Bob; because Bob had lice. One day, Bob went into work, where his job was putting things on top of other things, and his boss told him that he would have received a promotion but didn't get it cos he had lice. Bob walked out of his boss' office and decided to get revenge in kind. So, one night while his boss was sleeping, Bob broke into his home, crept up the stairs and quietly slipped into his boss' bedroom and rubbed his hair on to his boss' head and then crept away. The boss woke up the next morning to find out that he had apparently developed a REALLY bad case of... (wait for it!) lice!!! Bob's boss was so upset about this, that went to his backyard and picked some hemlock, mixed it with tea, drank it down and died. THE END
3 months ago

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