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In response Jeff Hertzog to his Mumbl

This Statement came from the Apostate Pastor Jeremiah Wright.

In response Paul Fishman to his Mumbl

fully aware of it, it comes from April 2003, I do not agree with many of Dr. Wright's positions, I am planning a podcast so please stay tuned, I am going to take Dr. Wrights Speech and show how in this instance he was correct, and how I intend to use it against #Biden since he put the final nail in the coffin, if everyone takes the time and go through my websites and all the abuse I had to endure especially at the nursing home in 2018 with no justice yet, I already prayed and cried out for America's judgement which is under way, otherwise of God did not Damn America for all this wickedness, He is not a just God and has to apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah! I have no concern on having real enemies over this, I am literally in the final chapter of my life as I will discuss on my Podcast. Stay tuned! i intend again to preach and shake Hell from the center!

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