Paul Fishman
1 yr. ago
In response Jeff Hertzog to his Publication
This Statement came from the Apostate Pastor Jeremiah Wright.
Jeff Hertzog
1 yr. ago
In response Paul Fishman to his Publication
fully aware of it, it comes from April 2003, I do not agree with many of Dr. Wright's positions, I am planning a podcast so please stay tuned, I am going to take Dr. Wrights Speech and show how in this instance he was correct, and how I intend to use it against #Biden since he put the final nail in the coffin, if everyone takes the time and go through my websites and all the abuse I had to endure especially at the nursing home in 2018 with no justice yet, I already prayed and cried out for America's judgement which is under way, otherwise of God did not Damn America for all this wickedness, He is not a just God and has to apologize to Sodom & Gomorrah! I have no concern on having real enemies over this, I am literally in the final chapter of my life as I will discuss on my Podcast. Stay tuned! i intend again to preach and shake Hell from the center!
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