So, on the agenda for the coming week both the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization will be holding major summit type meetings to advocate for multiculturalism, open borders, mass migration and , "global government". Or more simply put, meetings of the lunatic fringe hell bent on trampling the rights of not only people, but entire nation's rights to self determination. Most ironically these power grubbing attendees will be holding these meeting in, of all places, Switzerland. A wonderful, safe nation where they abide by some of the strictest immigration laws, have tightly controlled closed borders, the most strict right to privacy laws in the world and, have a population that is 95 percent white.

Ironically, this 75th meeting of the World Health Assembly is titled “Health for Peace, Peace for Health”. Don't get me wrong. I'm in favor of peace. I'm also in favor of health. But they are two entirely separate disciplines. Both good in their own playing field. But whe

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