First Nuzlocke Run Failed...

Welp, it happened. I failed the Nuzlocke. My team wasn't prepared for Lt. Surge and everyone died as a result. Moemon MegaFireRed Version doesn't only cover the first generation of Pokemon games, but it goes up to the sixth generation as well. Lt. Surge hit me with an Emolga (electric/flying) and a Luxio (pure electric, but it can learn Flame Fang) and took down my team which comprised of an Ivysaur, Parasect, Nidorino, and a Corsola. He also managed to paralyze everyone that I sent out. While my Moemon were quite strong, most of them having a shared weakness of flying, ground, and fire really made things difficult in certain match-ups. It also didn't help that there were some Moemon I simply failed to catch like the wild Mudkip (which would've have been amazing against Surge if I evolved it) and the Skorupi. Add it my recklessness when it came to some of the newer Moemon I managed to catch and now everyone is six feet under. (1/2)

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