Joseph Zacharko
I dont understand how congress can present a bill and pass it, when it clearly violates the supreme law of the land, THE CONSTITUTION!!! I read at the rate biden and the evil immoral liberal Demoncrats are going, they will have abolished the CONSTITUTION within the next 10 YEARS!! Think abt it! We have AOC and Omar, to name a few immoral & satanic congresswomen, who openly say they hate the constitution and want it DESTROYED. Isn’t part of their oath to defend the constitution? Now biden appointed immoral and unethical justices who openly say they hate the constitution! ISN’T THAT THEIR WHOLE JOB AS A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE TO DEFEND AND MAKE JUDGEMENTS ON WHETHER LAWS ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL OR NOT?? HOW CAN YOU DO THAT AND TAKE THE OATH AS A SUPREME COURT JUSTICE AND TAKE YOUR OATH OF OFFICE, IF YOU OPENLY SAY YOU WANT THE CONSTITUTION DESTROYED??? I feel like am living in a nightmare!!! We need to taKE TH9IS COUNTRY B ACK AND HAND ALL THESE TRAITORS NOW!! We need a civil war to save thi
2 yr. ago

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