It's time to SAY NO not to become fooled any more Here We Go: New 'Ninja' COVID Variant Is 'The Most Dangerous One Yet'
https://www.thegatewaypund... The good doctors scientists Lord has given to us To get us through this Up to us to listen to them

O Merciful GOD, As you have said in Julie Green's prophecies the cabal will try to strike with more virus'. The time is coming Lord, they are creating more demonic jabs, approving them for wee babies 6 months old, 4 year olds, school children, the elderly and every age in between. Lord, we are asking for Your Divine intervention, before they actually implement these new jabs filled with toxins they are using to kill off humanity. Lord, the evil ones are either implementing or threatening to implement mask mandates again. Lord, we are reaching out to You, our Loving Father to put an end to this before it even gets started. Father, these draconian mandates are pure evil and even the healthy get sick from wearing them. The people with lung issues, heart issues, asthma, and other diseases suffer horrifically having to put a mask on. Lord, we implore to You, please come to our aid and end this. O King of Kings, we decree and declare right now that people will not rise to the fearmongering t

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