Susan Taapken

The Demonic False Profits and Pastors of Baal are Manifesting! THEY are lashing out in all Directions! PANIC! The message of TRUTH (The Spirit of Elijah clashing with the Profits of Baal) is seriously effecting their ability to move their Antichrist agenda forward. It's affecting their finances, their Ministries/Businesses, their ability to Deceive the masses and such and THEY are not happy and neither is their master JEZEBEL! They are lashing out publicly at the TRUE Prophetic Stream because it's exsposing the true FRAUD'S they are. THEY care nothing about Souls, only Glory, Fame, and MONEY! THEY give the appearance of Godliness but their hearts are FAR from him! THEY will justify all this in the name of Christianity, PAYtriotism, False Unity, and Good Works. THEY are Infiltrators, Evil, Cunning, and Deceptive! THEY mix Christianity, New Age, and Witchcraft and call it GODLY! THEY are an abomination to the Lord! Do not be De
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11 months ago

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