Get rid of Boris we cried for many a month...and his lying cheating colleagues.
He’s now finally going going gone...and many of his lying cheating colleagues.
“It’s all planned, it’s a game, it’s a pantomime, who ever replaces him will be even worse”...bla bla bla.

The Georgia stones are an evil and wicked monument to the satanic cabal, get rid, destroy and take down that awful statue that symbolises genocide.
It’s gone, bombed, lightning strike or divine intervention.
“It’s all planned, it’s a game, it’s a pantomime, it’s all part of their plan.”
Bla bla bla.

Do people really know what they want or
is it just moan, whinge and jump on the bandwagon that’s doing the rounds?

I get the impression many like and enjoy the drama, the reality like TV show effects and thrive on the constant misery and fear.
I actually genuinely believe some of you don’t want this to end.

That’s what concerns me the most, because when the time does come, I have a feeling there will be but a h

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