Heidi Parker
Tonight I was walking outside with my two little boys as it got dark. On our way back to the house, they both grabbed my hand and the three of us began to walk closer together.

There were some dogs barking in the distance, and their young minds began to work overtime. In the darkness, their grips got tighter in my hands as we got closer to the house.

Finally, one of my sons looked up at me and said, "Daddy, carry me." My other son also agreed that was a good idea.

Now I've had a lot of back pain recently, but I scooped both of my boys up and carried them the rest of the short trek back to the house.

I carried them without hesitation because I love them. My heart was filled with joy because they asked me to carry them. They knew in the darkness that I would protect them.

I'm reminded once again tonight of how this relates to our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

This world is full of darkness, and in the midst of it all we walk close to Him and hold His hand.
1 yr. ago
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