Heavenly Father, It is such a glorious day that you have set before us, it is so amazing to be living in these times watching You take back what was stolen from us. We praise You O Mighty Father for all the works You do to remove power from the ones that it does not rightfully belong to. Lord, we continue to lift up Your chosen prophets, President Trump and his family and all of the people that support You and are aiding Trump as he moves forward with Your plans. We ask You O Father of Protection to place a wall of fiery protection around your prophets, Trump and his family and all of those who aid Trump in Your Name. In these times Lord, our focus must be on You and Your plans, taking back America out of the clutches of the evil that has infiltrated our Government and restoring our rightful President where he belongs. We praise You, King of Kings for making this happen and we decree and declare that all will be restored back to what You intended Your Land of the Eagle to be, the home

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