Heavenly Father, We look at this broken world and our hearts break for the destruction of Your beautiful creation. Lord, You Created this earth with much love and hope in Your heart for the beings You created and placed here. Lord, we repent for our ancestors who helped to bring the world to where it is today. We repent O Gracious Father, for the eyes and ears that have been closed for so long, not paying attention to what was happening here on earth. IT IS NOT TOO LATE! Lord, we are here, following Your direction, spreading Your Word near and far, listening to and praying for Your trusted prophets. May they be safe from all harm that the evil sends their way. Lord, we continue to pray for and listen to Your Donald Trump, our President, we await the words to be spoken that You have said are to come. O Glorious Father, in these times we turn to You, to heal these lands and take back our Freedom from the evil that has infiltrated Your Creation. All the Praise we bestow upon You, the Grea

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