Good Morning Patriots Happy Monday Welcome back hopeful you all have had a wonderful weekend Plastic Girl Reporting here today's top story includes Monkeypox is (by the account of MSM )sexually transmitted.

How are toddlers getting it then? Why is no one asking this? Or are we just going to ignore the fact and make up the science like we did with Covid. As American's ask yourselves this, aren't you tired of this game that the CDC and MSN are playing? Are we going to aloud the children to be put back in masks and locked down again, or are we finally all going to take a stand against the corrupt establishment.

Will you allow this to happen to your children again, when we fought so hard for the last 2 years. Don't you see the game by now! I'd like to call this outbreak the midterm variant because that's exactly what it is. Make sure you share this to your liberal friends and tell them to wake the fuck up. Maybe the second time is the charm.

🚨 North Kor

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