"Zelensky sold 17 million hectares of agricultural land to Monsanto, Dupont, and Cargill. Yes… you read it well… 17 million hectares to GM0/chemical companies

This is very bad for the entire world since Ukraine is the largest exporter of wheat and other grains.

Zelensky sold 28% of the entire Ukrainian land
Australian National Review reports three major US cross-border consortiums have bought... 17 million hectares of Ukrainian farmland

To compare: In all of Italy, there are 16.7 million hectares of agricultural land. It turns out that three American companies in Ukraine bought more valuable agricultural land than in all of Italy.

🇺🇦The entire area of Ukraine - 600,000 sqm, 170,000 sqm built. km.

What kind of companies are these Cargill, Dupont and Monsanto? They are officially German Australian, but with American capital. Their main shareholders are American Vanguard, BlackRock and Blackstone.

BlackRock $10 billion asset management funds,
Vanguard $6 billion,

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