Remember they’re going to go after babysitters, lemonade stands and teens that mow lawns. For this they need deadly force?
New IRS Job Listing asks Applicants to be Willing to Cary a Gun and ‘Use Deadly Force’
So, I guess Joe Biden and his Democrat Gestapo is assembling its new shock troops to come after you plebeians in the Middle Classes, eh?
The job listing comes on the heels of Biden, Schumer, and Manchin’s outrageous, dangerous, and destructive new budget bill that would increase the IRS budget by 600 percent and add 87,000 new IRS thugs to the payroll.
The IRS is already starting to look for their new foot soldiers who will fan out to shake down the Middle Classes and the poor.
Not surprisingly, the job listing suddenly disappeared right after these tweets started getting around.
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In response Roger Anghis to his Mumbl

we are now living in a banana republic, government no longer works for the people they now work for the democrats aka commies.