When Your Dryer Breaks Down, Here's How To Fix It

Due to the complexity of appliance installation, troubleshooting a malfunctioning unit can be a real pain. Finding the root of a problem can be challenging. If your dryer breaks, you won't have to worry about lugging all your clothes to the line in the rain every time. In addition, today's dryers offer a wide variety of cycles to care for everything from delicate lingerie to sturdy work attire. If you're having issues with your dryer, consult this manual.

No Heat From Dryer

If your electric dryer suddenly stops working, you should first verify if the circuit breaker was tripped or a fuse was blown. Having a thermal fuse that has blown is another possible explanation for your dryer's lack of heat. This can be replaced with little effort and little cost. For further explanation of the thermal fuse, please refer to the user handbook.


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