Could you imagine if they had a Hunter Biden laptop like item on President Trumps kid how all the lame steam democrat propaganda machine would react, and how the FBI, DOJ, HSA, and all the rest of the government offices would react.. You can tell the bios of THE government, no longer the peoples government.
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It becomes almost funny how the Bias & overwhelming two tiered ‘Double Standard’ has become something nobody talks about. WTP know and can repeat these efforts by memory, however, the MSA is so tragically an enemy of the common people. When once a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away it was not so blatant. What do you think WTP did that. was so bad? THINK FOR OURSELVES? Today that’s not allowed. Or is it? When is to much really to much?
I could go on, with facts, evidence and proper justification for all that’s said, however nobody cares or is afraid to say, do or react to simple questions.