Why do we as conservatives put with Democrats?? Why do we want these ppl in our country? Most of them are just evil and mentally unstable!! They hate America and Democracy! We have videos of them rigging elections, stealing campaign signs, lying, cheating and breaking federal laws, and violating the Constitution! We should be doing everything to get these ppl kicked out of America!

I would rather have an illegal in America than a Democrat! Bc at least the illegal may be here to make a better life for their family and are here to make America great. Rather than destroying America and doing everything illegally to divide this country and destroy it! I don't think anything will change as long as we allow Democrats to continue to destroy America and I believe it will take a civil war to get America back on track! That's why I believe if we have a civil war, we can't take any liberal Democrats as prisoners. Bc nothing will change as long as Dems are allowed to go unchecked and are allow

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