According to our “justice” system you can:

• Erase 33,000 emails against a court order to hand them over.
• Hand billions in military weapons and vehicles over to Islamic terrorists with a giant bow.
• Drone bomb children and never have to answer for it.
• Shoot an unarmed female veteran in the neck and be “cleared” before you’re even interviewed or asked about it.
• Have what should be the most watched sexual criminal of all time “kill himself” evoke the camera “malfunctions” on your watch and never be investigated.
• Bribe a foreign country with US tax dollars to stop their federal prosecutor from going after your crackhead son and the money laundering business you set up with him.
• Work with a foreign enemy like China to illegally manipulate a virus in a lab to kill and control everyone in the world.

….but by God, don’t you dare ever question a questionable election or protest a corrupt government or the Feds will chase down every flag wearing granny, political meme mak

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