This is absolutely getting ridiculous! When are we going to take back this country from dictator biden and the satanic congress members who are helping biden destroy America! I dont understand why we are waiting for the November elections. We already know the Dems are going to cheat, plus they own the voting machines. Not to mention, we can expect more hate speeches from biden and congress, a least 1-2 mass shootings for which Dems will blame MAGA, and a possible terrorist attack. That's if the economy doesn't collapse before then!
Instead of waving Trump flags around, we should be loading magazines and preparing to take back America!! But that's just my opinion and I seem to be on the minority side of this civil war talk. Even though the racist evil Demoncrats have just labeled the Constitution, Bill of rights, and our declaration of Independence as harmful material! Soon Dems will just burn the Constitution and accompanying documents on TV and we will just keep waving flags. Dems

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